Smart Home Management for Hobu VMS 

There is a gap in capable smart home devices and managing home services. With the rise in IoT sensors for monitoring HVAC, water, smoke, and other utilities, there is a need for a system to be in place to both monitor detailed data and automate home/office maintenance services by easily conveying that useful data.
Rise in IoT Sensors Throughout Indoor Spaces
A modern home now has dozens of connected devices, from sensors to smart appliances. Data collected is vital in monitoring any issues that arise.
$10,000 /year
The average amount spent on home maintenance for a $500,000 home. North Americans spend 2% yearly on reoccurring or surprise costs related to home up-keeping. Detection of issues beforehand can greatly reduce costs.

35 Million
Number of smart homes with 3 or more IoT devices related to home monitoring in the US, including thermostats, smart electric metering, voltage sensors, etc.

211 Million
Number of IoT devices used in homes without a connected platform to monitor data. Alarms and notifications are sent out only in the event of an issue occurring.
Market Opportunity for Automating Vendor Services with Consumers
Data from smart home monitoring devices is not only useful for consumers, but home service providers can utilize the data to more efficiently solve issues and autonomously without the hassle of back-and-forth interaction with customers.
Step 1: Creating Rooms
Rooms are groups for IoT devices to be together, a rough layout will allow for both the vendor and other house members to know where exactly an issue is occurring.
Step 2: Adding Device
Users can add Matter-compatible smart devices for monitoring respective utilities. The new smart home standard protocol, Matter devices are any device that is already connected with existing smart home platforms, allowing for a hassle-free connection.   
Step 3: Creating Rule
Like if, then statements, each rule will allow users to fine-tune how and what to do if a device detects something. This is the underlying setup for customizable autonomous processes. 
Monitoring Dashboard
Smart home monitoring and layout dashboards provide an overview of all the devices and their current state on one screen with details respective to the section. Vendor service requests are displayed for any issues that arise. 
Requesting Service Manually
In many cases, users will not opt for automatic vendor service ordering if an issue is detected from devices. For those instances, a list of vendors will be made available that are registered with the Hobu VMS platform and can work with data given from related smart home sensors. 
Vendor On-boarding
Anyone can request to be a vendor to provide services, but approval will come from Hobu VMS through proof of service from details provided from on-boarding and then later verified.
Vendor Dashboard
Vendors have their own platform for web and mobile, showing income, services requested & completed, and ratings. A unified platform for vendor partners allows for ease of access to customers and service insights. 

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