Morpho Portable Air Purifier 

Personal air purification is very inefficient. Breathing in good air can be a luxury for people with respiratory issues or in areas with poor air quality. Methods to purify just the surrounding air we breathe while also making it compact result in either an obtrusively noisy or ineffective product.  
Market Gap in Portable and Efficient Personal Air Purification
As size decreases so does the intensity of filtration with current air purifiers. The goal is to develop a personal air purifier that is both relatively portable and purifies most pollutants which addresses the target demographic while still being relatively affordable. 
Determining the Best Filter Through Teardown of Existing Products
Through analyzing current products & technologies, and their efficiency, constraints were put on which filter method(s) to use that respects the design goal of quiet, portable, and efficient filtration.
Ideating Within Design Constraints
With the defined type of filter being HEPA and activated carbon, the main constraints set are its physical properties and thickness (1.5” and 0.25” respectively).
Targeted Airflow and Dust Containment Ideation 
Folding provides a way to adjust the airflow directly at the person for close range purification while also being able to cover vent holes on the back when stowed away to prevent accumulated dust from getting on belongings.
Case Fans Air Intake 
Using multiple case fans are better than standard air filter fans for personal portable high-efficiency purification.
Works-Like Prototype
Made with a HEPA standard and a carbon filter. Fans were wired to an external potentiometer and power source for it to spin at various speeds.
Next Steps for Form Factor
Inward Folding, Hiding Hinges, Smaller Size
Testing Different Fans and Venting Designs
Testing helped determine which fan and vent are used while considering cost, sound, and level of suction.
Intermediate Prototype
Use Cycle Testing
Key Takeaways
Appearance Prototype Improvements​​​​​​​
Key Takeaways
CMF Exploration with Sustainable Materials
Final Design
Foldable Targeted Air Purification
Folds out from the back to create a bubble of clean air circulating close to the user. During travel, sides can be folded back inwards, snapped closed by magnets on the sides so any dust accumulated during use will not get on belongings, providing for hassle-free portable use. 
Compact 3-Layer Filtration
Air gets drawn in from the back and goes through the activated carbon filter, the HEPA filter, and then a hemp cover while it is let out towards the user.
Purifier Setup
Latch at the top unlocks the side filters and exposes the power cable to be unraveled. Once plugged in, the physical button is pressed where the red ring gets raised indicating it’s on.
Airflow Adjustment
Airflow rate can be adjusted using the physical knob at the top while the vertical airflow can be changed with the back stand and horizontal airflow with the side filters. 
Changing Filter
LEDs will light up indicating which filter(s) to change (blue for HEPA, green for carbon). Sliding the rear latch provides access to swap out the dirty filter for a new one. 

Other Work

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